depression as a stand-up comedy show

by - June 12, 2019

depression as a stand-up comedy show
for everything about it is a joke.
for those who doesn’t have it -
they're the audience.

first day of showing - the ticket sold out
do they really care, we had our doubt
perhaps it’s only for the gram and clout

they stormed in bearing signs of lies
of what they discerned as proper and wise
guess they forgot to empathise.

backstage - we were rattled to the bone
we wanted our head to be blown
we didn’t want anything to be shown.

but calming down, we proceed to do
“it’ll break our mother’s heart”, a chant so true
so breaking our own will make do

onstage - we stood with chin held high
bare soul in hand, heavy tears in eyes
all kept inside finally vocalised

yet the hall laughed so hearty
for they see what they only wanted to see
not the cry for help, not the silent plea.

last day of showing - medics scattered around
with intention in mind to hold us down
not wanting us to further be drowned

though we’re glad being taken seriously
would they ever realize finally
it was never a show initially.

// zahra.

p/s: wrote this for my lit class. thought it would be nice to share it here

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  1. Assalamualaikum..
    Salam ukwah dari saya untuk anda..

    Jom follow blog

    Tinggalkan komen dan saya akan cuba membalas komen anda..
    Saya akan berusaha membalas kunjungan anda jika berkesempatan..
    Komen yang baik2 sahaja ye..
    Semoga ikatan ukhwah kita akan berterusan..

    Terima kasih sekali lagi..ya

  2. Once in a while, I do love to read a poem. Thanks for sharing ^^

  3. this is amazing. the drama, the cliché, love it. please say that part "it'll break our mothers heart" wasn't for that short-lived meme cause damn it is darker then

    1. the part is written *specifically* to live up to the meme :D hehe thanks for the nice words, made my day!

  4. I rarely read poem. But this one so nice.
    Have a good day!