#PIL : lifted

by - July 29, 2019

well, i guess no one can have everything.
i must learn to celebrate when i fail.
inner growth and fortitude follow the sting,
right? won't i rise with holy wind in my sails?
yet they always seem to get what i want,
door after door flung open. why are 
the keeper of doors, who haunt
the hopeful halls of fate and desire
so partial to them, but not to me?
yes, i do feel sorry for myselfdon't, brother,
pretend the bitter blanket of self-pity,
hasn't warmed your bones. it's not lovers
or fame i crave, nor even happiness, particularly.
only to be lifted, just once, above all others.

// craig morgan teicher


i, honest to god, felt this poem, to my bones. it's a rather short one, compared to the others i've read, but none had the same effect that this one did on me. 

the desperation and bitterness one felt, having to deal with rejection one after another, longing for acceptance, the others received. and i love the way she started the poem with 'well', cause i feel like using 'well' at the beginning, it almost sounds like you're already resigned to fate. that you've already came to the conclusion of whatever misery that you're put in, it will never end and you cant change a damn thing about it no more. 

eg: well, it can't be helped.

and that one thought it would be nice and fine for one to fail, as it taught you more about life and how to outsmart it, by inner growth and fortitude, it said. 

and that after all the inequity you suffered from, you would only ask for one thing, only to be held high. when you darling, deserves so much more than that.

ps: felt like doing this poetry-sharing thingy more regularly cos i've got nothing else good to do in my life heh plus, it'd be good for my degree later on!

pps: PIL stands for poetry-i-love

ppss: comment your fav!

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  2. Hi zahra! Please do share more poetry here, I do love reading poetry as well :)
    My current read is "Empty Bottles Full of Stories" from Robert M. Drake and r.h.Sin. I can't help but wonder how words can touch people's hearts more than other human being can..